Preaching Christ at Christmas

Peter Grainger: After a few years in the same church, even the most green pastor might struggle to recycle the story of the shepherds and the wise men any further!

As I reflected on this after stepping down as Senior Pastor in Charlotte Chapel and, for the time in 25 years, not having to prepare to preach this Christmas, I wondered if I could be of some help and encouragement to fellow-pastors and preachers? Could I offer some examples of Christmas messages that you could take and adapt for your own use? Even better, how about if we shared together and pooled ideas, illustrations and material that we have prepared and preached at past Christmases?

One of my Christmas talks, based on the Live Aid song, was entitled “Do they know it’s Christmas?” Sadly, most people don’t and this season of the year provides a window of opportunity to share the good news of great joy for all people – and especially with those people who don’t normally darken the doors of a church at any other time of year…

Peter’s Introduction

Full Session Video

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