Peter Grainger at Resurrection 2016

The Trust’s Director, Peter Grainger, delivered a narrative sermon as a part of the Origin Scotland event “Resurrection 2016″ this Easter at the Usher Hall. He concluded with the hymn “Abide with me” which is based on the same story as recorded in scripture. Take a look at the video below or you can read the script here.

See more 2 Timothy 4 Trust video.

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  1. Dear Peter and Nita

    I’ve had a wonderful time this afternoon in a bit of a chance conversation with Jacki Tonkin ( our paths have crossed through work) when I realised that she was on the Wycliffe Centre with her husband Geoff in the early 80s when I was teaching on the Language Learning Course with you both, Rob and Madeleine van den Bovenkamp , Alan Brown et al. Very happy memories – lots of fun. She said she knew you, so it prompted me to look you up, and I hope this finds you.

    I often think back fondly on those times. I hope you’re both doing well.

    Very best wishes

    John Wigfield

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