Our Principles

There are a lot of different ways of approaching the challenge of increasing excellent preaching. To better define our specific character the Trust has adopted the following list of principles for how we’ll work – please let us know what you think:

  • Orthodox – The Trust exists for the Glory of God and under the Word of God as revealed in Scripture.
  • Focussed Impact – The Trust knows that the need is broad; however we chose to focus our efforts on driving a greater impact to a smaller number of situations rather than trying to “raise all boats”
  • With the grain – The Trust recognizes preaching is a gift of the Spirit as well as a skill that can be developed. We will focus our efforts where there’s evidence of gifting, commitment to preaching and openness to our engagement, rather than trying to go against the grain.
  • Reach Out – The Trust seeks to engage with a broadly cross-section of evangelicalism.
  • Innovate – The Trust will be innovative in its approach to the issue, bringing ideas and approaches from other fields into this domain wherever useful.
  • Prototype, Evaluate, Scale – The Trust will prototype solutions considered and evaluate the outcome, ideally measuring impact, before deciding to put our “weight” behind a method.
  • Partner – The Trust will avoid duplicating relevant activities, programmes and materials where these already exist; we will be pleased to partner and invest in others.

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