Narrative Preaching

Telling the story? Or missing the point?

On Easter Sunday evening at the Easter Event “Resurrection” in the Usher Hall in Edinburgh, Peter Grainger preached a narrative sermon based on the story of Thomas from John 20. Read the text here or watch the video below:

He reflects on the experience and answers some of the questions about “narrative preaching” in this post. If you’d like to learn more, please consider attending our Narrative Preaching Workshop.

3 thoughts on “Narrative Preaching”

  1. Hello Peter … wonderful idea .. a website to showcase the best of what you do. I haven’t looked at other videos just yet (probably will though), but I have started to view your main video on “Narrative Preaching” … very impressive and brilliantly delivered. It’s great to actually see you doing what you do so well ….. it’s a gift.
    My only concern is that the video didn’t load well enough and made it quite frustrating to wait and wait for it to catch up loading. The size of the file is probably too large … I have a very good server and online connection, so if it freezes for me, it will almost certainly freeze for others trying to see it. We have had a similar problem with videos on our site. We have agreed to reduce the quality of the picture to ensure that folk don’t get frustrated by the wait …. and then move away from the site. I’m sure you’re viewers have the patience of Job, but I suspect a frozen video would even test their patience.
    Thanks for letting me in on your videos, I will certainly keep updated with your projects ……. congratulations on such a brilliant idea … and I look forward to more talks ..

    best wishes


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