Peter Grainger at Resurrection 2016

The Trust’s Director, Peter Grainger, delivered a narrative sermon as a part of the Origin Scotland event “Resurrection 2016” this Easter at the Usher Hall. He concluded with the hymn “Abide with me” which is based on the same story as recorded in scripture. Take a look at the video below or you can read the script here.

See more 2 Timothy 4 Trust video.

Don Carson: Preaching John’s Gospel

We’re pleased to be able to share the video of Don Carson’s very helpful teaching on how one might best go about preaching from the Gospel of John, recorded at Faith Mission College in Edinburgh in July 2014. The video is divided into eight segments of approximately twenty minutes for technical reasons.

Don Carson: Preaching John’s Gospel

Mentoring Programme

Room for improvement?
Want to be a better preacher?
Don’t know how?

The Trust is excited to introduce our mentoring programme for preachers in Scotland.

The programme offers a personal and confidential engagement with an experienced preacher who will provide constructive feedback and coaching on your preaching, helping you to become a better preacher, and is available in two flavours.

  • An intensive thirty day programme designed to deliver the maximum impact in the minimum time – regular comprehensive feedback on sermons delivered in the period combined with deep engagement in the preparation process. The programme aims to deliver a step improvement in your skills and performance which can be sustained in the long term.
  • A more flexible extended programme incorporating monthly meetings and operating at the intensity you choose, but still built around the same comprehensive sermon feedback and engagement in your preparation process.

The process has been prototyped with a number of preachers and feedback is encouraging:

“Being mentored by Peter Grainger has been extremely helpful, not only in developing the structure of my sermons but also greatly enhancing my understanding of the Bible and how it should be handled.”
Andy Lloyd-Williams
Community Worker at Greenview Evangelical Church, Glasgow and now Associate Pastor at Harborough Evangelical Church, Leicestershire

“As a preacher, I have greatly appreciated the mentoring, support and wisdom that Peter Grainger has given me. His critique of my sermons has led to several positive changes that have tangibly increased the effectiveness and impact of my preaching.”
Peter Anderson
Lead Pastor, Destiny Church, Edinburgh

Would you like to become a better preacher? The Trust believes:

every preacher can become a better preacher

From £250, bursaries available.

Contact to get started today.

Narrative Preaching

Telling the story? Or missing the point?

On Easter Sunday evening at the Easter Event “Resurrection” in the Usher Hall in Edinburgh, Peter Grainger preached a narrative sermon based on the story of Thomas from John 20. Read the text here or watch the video below:

He reflects on the experience and answers some of the questions about “narrative preaching” in this post. If you’d like to learn more, please consider attending our Narrative Preaching Workshop.

Preaching that Instructs and Rebukes

If you missed our recent conference with Bruce Ware, “Preaching that Instructs and Rebukes”, the conference audio is now available on

1. Introduction – Teaching that instructs and rebukes (Titus 1:9)
2. Is Jesus the Only Way? (The exclusivity of Christ and the Gospel)
3. A New Kind of Christianity? (The challenge of the emerging church)