Planning a Preaching Programme

52 weeks in a year….66 books in the Bible…

So what will you preach on this Sunday morning?

And every Sunday morning of the year? (and maybe every Sunday evening as well!)

A PREACHERS’ WORKSHOP to help you plan your preaching

  • factors determining what you preach
  • providing a balanced diet for your congregation
  • preaching to Christians and non-Christians
  • single sermons and sermon series
  • outlines and examples

and much more!

Peter Grainger, Director of 2 Timothy 4 shares from 40 years of preaching, most recently as Senior Pastor of Charlotte Chapel from 1992 – 2009.

Preparing to Preach

Thinking about preaching? Just starting out? Needing some fresh ideas?

Peter Grainger, senior pastor of Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh for 17 years and now Director of the 2 Timothy 4 Trust which is dedicated to strengthening Scottish preaching, will help you explore and experience the process of preparing a sermon.

This workshop was filmed in Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh in November 2017, and has been run on numerous occasions not only in Scotland and the UK, but also in other places, ranging from South America, Europe and the Far East, as well as the two colleges in Edinburgh where Peter teaches preaching – Edinburgh Theological Seminary and Faith Mission Bible College.

The sermon exercise near the conclusion of the workshop can accessed here, and the full set of PowerPoint slides are available here.

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