Peter Grainger, Director

Peter Grainger, the Director of the Trust, spent twenty years as a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators, and for the last twenty years as a Trustee on their British Board. In India, after beginning initial research into the Mawchi language in Maharashtra State, he initiated a training programme for Indian Bible translators.  He and his wife pioneered the work in Pakistan with a survey of the languages of Sindh province. They then worked in association with the Nigeria Bible Translation Trust, preparing an alphabet and first reading primer for the Izere people in Plateau State.

On their return to the U.K. for health reasons, Peter was Assistant Pastor at Long Crendon Baptist Church in Buckinghamshire for four years, and then served for a further four years as Pastor of Freshbook Evangelical Church, a new, growing church in West Swindon. He was the Senior Pastor at Charlotte Chapel from 1992 until 2009 and many of his sermons can be downloaded from or ordered from its tape-library.

Peter now directs “2 Timothy 4”, a Trust set up in 2009 to strengthen Scottish preaching through teaching and workshops, mentoring pastors and partnering with other like-minded ministries.

Peter graduated with a B.A. Honours in Biblical History and Literature from the University of Sheffield, a Diploma in Theology from London University while studying at the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow, and an M.A. in Linguistic Science from the University of Reading.

His wife Nita has a B.A. Honours in Spanish & Latin American Studies from the University of Newcastle, and they have two grown children. Peter’s interests include sport of most kinds, and keeping marine fish and corals.

Peter is the author of “Firm Foundations“, outlines of over 200 sermons from a variety of series, which is designed to help old and new pastors alike. Peter firmly believes that “every preacher can become a better preacher” – and than includes himself!

2 thoughts on “People”

  1. Dear Peter,

    Whilst I am sorry to learn you have left the Board of Wycliffe UK I trust you and Nita will continue to have a fruitful ministry in this new sphere of service the Lord has given you.
    Best wishes,

    Myrtle Bellew
    former Wycliffe employee


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